When I prepare to do a specific type of fast, I love to take a look at what the organ I am targeting does. I find it fascinating and motivating to think of what is happening in my body that goes on without my even realizing it.

The liver is an amazing organ, performing over 500 vital functions in the body. If our body was an automobile, the liver would be the engine. The liver is absolutely essential to our overall health and well being. If this organ were to shut down completely, we would only survive 24-48 hours. Yet one thing I find amazing, is that if 75% of our liver is diseased or non-functioning, our body can still operate. If that were to happen, the liver also has the ability to completely regenerate itself.

Drawing poisons from everywhere in the body, the liver acts like a magnet - taking those poisons, toxins and chemicals and rendering them harmless. The liver also metabolizes fat, which is why cleaning the liver is helpful when trying to lose weight.

The late Dr. John Christopher used to state with great conviction, that behind every cancer is a weak, sluggish, congested liver. Thus, cleaning the liver is an important preventative measure for maintaining a strong, healthy body.

What You Will Need

Herbal Items

In order to do this cleanse, you will need to order a few things ahead of time.

  • Detox tea
  • Liver/gall bladder formula
  • Immune support/anti-flam formula
  • Superfood (this is an optional green drink powder with wheat grass, chlorella, algae, etc. I prefer to use it to make my cleanse more effective)
  • Intestinal #1, if you need help keeping your bowels moving during the cleanse
  • Intestinal Sweep (optional) This is a formula designed to rid the body of heavy metals and deep clean the intestines of old waste.

All of the above items can be found from an herbalist. I purchase these things from Rick Overly, master herbalist. His number is 404-729-1579. You can tell him Tracee from JuiceRecipes.com sent you!

Grocery Items

  • 5 lemons
  • Either a gallon of unfiltered apple juice, such as Knudsen, or about 3 pounds of apples to make it fresh each day
  • About 6 inches of ginger
  • A bulb of garlic
  • First cold pressed olive oil

How long does the cleanse last?

Just like the kidney cleanse, the liver cleanse lasts five days. There are two suggestions for how you can do this cleanse. First, you could do fresh, raw fruits and vegetables on days one and five, with a juice fast on days two, three and four. Secondly, you could do a five day juice fast, consuming only liquids for the entire duration of the cleanse.

The Morning Liver Flush Drink

As soon as I awaken, I typically begin to soak the herbs used for tea in distilled water in a glass bowl covered with a lid or glass plate.

Upon rising, the liver flush drink is the first thing you would consume. If I am making the apple juice fresh, I juice the garlic, ginger, lemon and apple in the juicer, juicing the lemon peel as well. If I am using bottled apple juice, I use the blender for the garlic, ginger, oil and water. Then juice the lemon with a citrus juicer.

Liver Flush Drink
  • Juice of one lemon
  • About 2/3 cup apple juice to make one cup when added to the fresh lemon
  • 1 square inch of ginger
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 8 oz distilled water
Potassium Broth

If I choose to use potassium broth, I begin to make it right after I have my liver flush drink. It is quite easy to make if you do it as the same time you are making your juice.

  • Thick potato peelings
  • Thick carrot peelings
  • Celery and onion
  • Garlic
  • Spinach and other greens
  • Himalayan salt or bragg liquid amino for flavor
  • Jalapenos or cayenne pepper to taste

There's no real wrong way to do this, just experiment with the amounts to your liking. I very lightly saute celery, onion and garlic in a little olive oil. It really enhances the flavor and makes it more like broth than vegetable water. Simmer on lowest heat for 1-4 hours. Strain the vegetables from the broth and enjoy!

Detox Tea

Once I have my potassium broth simmering, the next thing I do is have my tea. If you follow the directions on the bag, you should have about two cups of tea at a time, three times per day. From the time I have my tea, I begin going down my typed list of tinctures, water and juice. I space these out to where I am taking something on the list about every 15-20 minutes. This is 15-20 minutes from the time you FINISH the last tea, juice or tincture. I keep everything I need out on the counter and set the timer to remind me when it's time for the next thing on the list. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but by the end of the first day you should have it down quite well. By day 5, you should be very proficient at cleaning the liver!

How Much Juice Do I Drink While On the Liver Cleanse?

I make my juice in the morning for the entire day and try to consume at least 80oz of juice during the course of the day. Every person is different, however, and everyone has to decide what is best for them.

I like to include a liver cleansing juice in my arsenal of juices at least once a day while I am cleansing my liver. The one I like to use is The Liver Scrubber, but you can go with something else from this list: Liver Cleanse Recipes

Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs are another effective way to release toxins from the liver. I purchase a piece of cotton flannel, wash it, and saturate it with castor oil. I then massage castor oil into the liver and place the flannel over the entire liver area. Place a hot water bottle over the flannel. Typically, I do this for about 45 minutes to an hour, but length of time is an individual preference.

Therapeutic Massage

Having a therapeutic massage can double the effectiveness of your fast. The liver is one organ that can be manipulated externally, and a good masseuse can stimulate the liver to release toxins. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help flush out what has been stirred up by the process.

Finishing each Day...

Just as the kidney cleanse, I try to have everything on the list completed by about 6pm each day. This allows for a proper night's sleep without having to get up for the bathroom often in the middle of the night.

During my cleanse, my exercise program may vary. It's important to listen to your body. Fresh air and sunshine are always important. Sometimes you may just take a walk outside because you can tell your body is trying to heal. Other days you may be full of energy and want to get in a good work out. On those days, however, it is important to get plenty of fresh vegetable juice. Once again, I would like to stress the importance of paying attention to your own personal needs and listening to what your body is telling you.