Juice Recipes is a website devoted to helping people get the most out of their juice.

When we first started juicing, we didn't do it to lose weight. We did it as a quick and easy way to get many of the benefits that we all needed from fruits and vegetables. We knew we were getting many health benefits out of juicing because we both felt energized and all-around great! But we were left wondering, what are the true benefits of juicing besides feeling fantastic? What other positive effects can juicing have on the human body?

We've heard people's stories about what juicing has done for them and how some are able to think clearer, where others can see better and lose all of that unwanted weight too. We wanted to research what our juice was doing for us because certainly not all juice provides the same benefits.

We picked a juice that we enjoyed juicing and started researching what it was doing for our health. We were amazed by how many health benefits the juice had, and we were surprised to find that juicing can help with existing health conditions as well. Seeing how much just one juice did for us, made us want to research all kinds of other juice. So now we have a database full of recipes that we are sharing to show the world what juice can do for you.

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For Your Health!

-Juice Recipes Team