Update: We used to recommend the Omega VRT350, but it's been discontinued. I've updated our recommendation to the newer generation juicer, The Omega VSJ843.

Of all the questions I get through email, social media and in person, I think this is the most frequently asked:

'Which juicer should I get?'

Hands down, without any hesitation whatsoever, my answer is always the same:

The Omega VSJ843

I love this juicer for many reasons, so I wanted to share what has made me proudly stand behind Omega for many years.

Get the Omega VSJ843

The Omega VSJ843 Juices Everything Well

My biggest issue with the centrifuge juicer (the loud one with the bowl that spins really fast) is that it spits cabbage, spinach and other greens right into the pulp bin, whole. What you may save on the initial cost of the juicer gets lost over time with the waste of the produce.

The Omega VSJ843 not only juices greens well, but it also juices fruit effortlessly. After having a twin gear juicer for many years, I've come to appreciate this feature. (I tried to make straight apple juice for my son with the twin gear juicer, and it came out apple sauce, even with the alternate screen provided for juicing fruit.)


When juicing celery, be sure and cut the celery into smaller pieces, as it will often wrap itself around the inside of the juicer.

The Omega VSJ843 is Easy to Clean

Cleaning a juicer quickly is very important if you have young children at home or a job that requires you to leave early in the morning.

I can actually clean my juicer in 90 seconds flat!

Here are a few tips for cleaning your juicer quickly:

  • Place a small plastic grocery bag inside of the pulp bin so that you can just pull the bag out when you are finished juicing.
  • Have a bowl of hot, soapy water ready in the sink so you can place the components of the juicer in the bowl, allowing the water to begin soaking off the pulp that is sitting in the juicer. This also allows you to scoop any pulp into the garbage disposal without having it sit in the soak water.
  • Have your juicing station somewhat close to your sink, so you don't have to walk back and forth across the kitchen.
  • Use both hands, and have the cleaning brush and dishrag or paper towel ready. Every minute counts!
  • Time yourself cleaning your juicer, and make a game of it! Before you realize, you'll cut your cleaning time in half.

The Omega VSJ843 has a strong motor but works at a slow speed, preserving the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables.

You've gone to this much trouble already, why not get as much nutrition out of your juice as you possibly can? The heat and friction generated from a centrifuge juicer can destroy some of the vitamins and minerals of the fresh produce you just spent time and money to purchase.

The Omega VSJ843 takes little space on the counter

Who doesn't need more room in their kitchen? The vertical juicer takes about the same space on the counter top as a standard blender.

You can store your juice for up to 72 hours

If you are wanting to take your fresh juice to work with you during the day, this is an important feature!

I like to store my juice in glass mason jars filled all the way to the very top and skim the foam from the top of the jar before putting on the lid.

The Omega VSJ843 can make fresh almond milk

I've gotten so spoiled by fresh almond milk out of the juicer that I don't even buy it out of the carton anymore. It's like having dessert!

Watch me make almond milk with the Omega VSJ843

Other Important Features of the Omega VSJ843

If you are wanting to make fresh wheat grass shots, you do not need to purchase a wheat grass juicer. The Omega VSJ843 juices wheat grass quite well. I like to cut the wheat grass into about 2-3 inch pieces for even better results.


To cut down on the foam from wheat grass and other greens, juice a couple of slices of apple before starting to juice the greens.

Many people have written me saying they can't stand the taste of wheat grass. Adding an apple can do wonders for the flavor!

Can't I just buy a cheap juicer?

As I mentioned earlier, the produce that gets wasted from a low quality juicer will end up costing more over time. A good juicer will make more juice and preserve the nutrients that can be destroyed by friction and heat.

I see my juicer as a major kitchen appliance, like a refrigerator or stove. As a matter of fact, I use my juicer even more than I do my oven. My juicer is an investment in my health, which has more than paid for itself in the fact that I am on no medication whatsoever and have enjoyed a level of health that I never even dreamed possible.

When people look at my driver's license, they are usually quite surprised that I am almost 50 years old! One man remarked rather emphatically,
'You found the fountain of youth!'
I believe juicing has added years to my life and life to my years. I proudly stand behind Omega and hope you come to love your juicer as much as I do mine!

Where do I get one?

Get your own Omega VSJ843 here

All Omega juicers come with a 10 year warranty, so if any thing breaks, you're covered!