Workweek Challenge

1 Recipe Per Day

You'll be adding 1 juice to your life every day. Continue eating as you normally do.

5 Days

A perfect fit for your workweek.

Shopping List

A single, simple shopping list is provided for the 5 days.

Interactive Challenge

Use our interactive challenge to get your daily recipe emailed to you or complete it through our site.

Why we made the Workweek Challenge

5 Days, 5 Recipes - Medium Commitment

This is probably one of our favorite plans that we re-use the most. We needed a healthy juice plan that we could do Monday - Friday when we weren't feeling committed to a longer plan. Sometimes you just need to shut off your brain and let this plan take the wheel and hand you a grocery list.

It's great to have a juice plan that says "Relax, I've got this workweek figured out for you".

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Workweek Challenge Reviews

GarryFloyd - 25 Feb 2019
- Workweek

Mastering self is such an important life long endeavor to embark on! Whether striving to clear my mind for more positive energy, or achieving a better quality of life, juicing has become an important arsenal in my battle to do both! Master self and just DO IT and find yourself growing in heart, soul and character. Best, Garry

Almation - 05 Feb 2019
- Workweek

Easy to obtain ingredients and tasted good

afierst - 17 Jan 2019
- Workweek

I wish day 5 would have been a new recipe instead of a repeat (especially since I didn’t like that one). It was also a lot of green, so a wider variety of flavors would have been nice.

Kronok - 03 Jan 2019
- Workweek

Perfect fit for a workweek. It works so well!

cherryblast - 07 Dec 2018
- Workweek

I love it! The juices are delicious and most days I did two juices a day and a meal for dinner. Love it and am going to continue. Oh and my daughter had the berry a-pealing juice and we both agree it is delicious! Thank you!!!! We are going to try Holiday Lemonade tomorrow.

omega1 - 07 Dec 2018
- Workweek

Love every day, it was refreshing and tasteful. I do jucing every day, but really live your recepies . Thank you; I am glad I found you.

cyrusloree - 07 Dec 2018
- Workweek

This is my first experience juicing, and I loved it. The recipes were delicious, and simple enough that I was not apprehensive. The challenge was also a perfect introductory length. With this success, I'm poised to take on the next juicing challenge.

imsoresilient - 07 Dec 2018
- Workweek

I enjoyed every single juice. I only gave this a 5 star rating because the Green Ginger Ale was on day 3 & 5. I was hoping to try another combination. Other than that they were tastey.