Weekend Challenge

1 Recipe Per Day

You'll be adding 1 juice to your life every day. Continue eating as you normally do.

2 Days

A perfect fit for your weekend.

Shopping List

A single, simple shopping list is provided for the 2 days.

Interactive Challenge

Use our interactive challenge to get your daily recipe emailed to you or complete it through our site.

Why we made the Weekend Challenge

2 Days, 2 Recipes - Low Commitment

There was a gap where we would want a small juice plan for the weekend while we grabbed a few things from the store. We didn't want a huge commitment, but we wanted more than just a single recipe.

It's made with only 7 different ingredients to shop for. Focusing on healthy, easy to get ingredients.

Simple, green, beginner-friendly recipes.

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Weekend Challenge Reviews

- 05 Apr 2020
- Weekend
Lost 1lbs

I enjoyed this challenge. I've been juicing for a while but have never done a challenge. This was a good introduction to challenges. I will definitely do others.

- 02 Apr 2020
- Weekend


- 08 Mar 2020
- Weekend

Wasn’t as difficult as I thought juice tasted better strained and on ice. Felt satiated and was able to accomplish more during the day

- 15 Feb 2020
- Weekend

This juice taste great and quit refreshing!

- 24 Oct 2019
- Weekend

Excellent one let me wait for the change

- 28 Jun 2019
- Weekend


- 10 Jun 2019
- Weekend
Lost 6lbs

The first day I got a super bad headache but that let up later...but I never juiced before so. Instead of putting the full amount of the greens called I put half or just left it out..Hopefully, the better my taste become the more I can add the greens back.

- 17 May 2019
- Weekend

Both were good once I got used to the grassy flavor (can you tell this is my first foray into the juicing world?). I added orange to the Mean Green & it was better. All in all I can’t wait to try more!

- 17 Mar 2019
- Weekend

Pretty tasty, except I didn't peel the orange on Day 1. Had a slight bitter taste, but then again, I used four large stemmed leaves of kale!

- 17 Mar 2019
- Weekend
Lost 1lbs

The juice recipes both tasted very good and were easy to make with organic produce easily found at the local market. By day two, I felt a little more energy than typical and I was happy to loose one pound in less than two days of drinking the juice. Not a lot, but in less than two days I can't complain. I plan to try another challenge right away.

- 21 Feb 2019
- Weekend

Tasty juices. Onto next challenge.

- 10 Jan 2019
- Weekend

It was tasty but no weight change. Was I suppose to drink on the 32oz of juice and eat nothing else?

- 30 Dec 2018
- Weekend

first one was better than the second

- 25 Dec 2018
- Weekend

I was amazed at the energy I had just within an hour of drinking my first Wingman. I'm on day 3 and I'm beginning to see the difference.

- 16 Dec 2018
- Weekend
Lost 1.4lbs

I just signed up and I like this website. I just finished my 2 day challenge and the juices tasted pretty good

- 02 Dec 2018
- Weekend

Not to daunting to complete or expensive