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You'll be adding 1 juice to your life every day. Continue eating as you normally do.

7 Days

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A single, simple shopping list is provided for the 7 days.

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Why we made the 7 Day Challenge

7 Days, 7 Recipes - High Commitment

The bread and butter of a healthy life. A full week of 1 healthy juice recipe a day!

It's obvious why we made this. If you need a healthy juice every day, this is it. You can re-do it week after week because we filled it with highly-rated delicious healthy recipes that you won't get sick of.

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7 Day Challenge Reviews

- 06 Oct 2020
- 7 Day


- 21 Sep 2020
- 7 Day

We started juicing to introduce more vegetables into our diet aiming for the beneficial micronutrients and phytochemicals. These recipes are very "fruit & sugar heavy" and may be suited more for a beginner's palate. In the future we will lean towards more "veggie heavy" recipes and create our own custom challenge. This is not to say, we don't appreciate this website, it's recipes, and it's motivation. We do! We'd just like to see a more veggie heavy challenge.

- 12 Sep 2020
- 7 Day

I enjoyed the juice recipes 🤩

- 11 Sep 2020
- 7 Day

The juices were delicious and I did not eat as much through the challenge.

- 25 Jul 2020
- 7 Day

The 7 day challenge only has 5 different recipes. Each recipe only makes 24-32 ounces, far less than the 96 ounces of juice you would drink each day on a juice fast/cleanse. The recipes are too fruit-heavy, not meeting the standard 80% greens/20% fruit.

- 02 Jul 2020
- 7 Day

It was a great way to get started with juicing. I only gave four stars because I would have liked the last day to feature a different juice, not one that I had already done.

- 22 Jun 2020
- 7 Day

Good overall, lost weight, felt good after the 3rd day. The detox normally occurs in the first couple of days which does make you feel lethargic. Skin feels and looks good too. Was very hungry as was going running 3 times a week so had to have a wee meal in the evenings to enable me to train. Need to devise a juice diet that gives you all the micronutrients you need for the whole day.

- 09 Jun 2020
- 7 Day
Lost 5lbs

COVID - 19 Had me cooking & eating all day everyday. What a great jumpstart to regain control of my weight.

- 28 Mar 2020
- 7 Day
Lost 0.5kg

Feels Great, I did it before and will glad to do it again !!!!

- 16 Mar 2020
- 7 Day

Great way to get fruits and veggies in my diet. Didn’t think The Wingman or Mean Green would be would be that good but are now my favorites.

- 10 Mar 2020
- 7 Day
Lost 4lbs

I feel alive! I needed thank you 🙏🏼

- 14 Feb 2020
- 7 Day
Lost 9lbs

Tasty recipes easy to drink and make.

- 26 Jan 2020
- 7 Day

it was easy and delicious!!!

- 14 Jan 2020
- 7 Day

These challenges are the best! Just finished the 7 Day. Feeling great. Thanks for putting this together!

- 13 Sep 2019
- 7 Day

liked the stronger flavoured with Kale and the Carrot one yummy Felt good through-out the day

- 28 Aug 2019
- 7 Day

Loved the challenge it was fun, wish it were longer.

- 20 Jun 2019
- 7 Day

We liked all the juices. So helpful to have the shopping list.

- 28 Apr 2019
- 7 Day

this is my second week doing the 7-day challenge and I am down 4 pounds. great way to get back in the groove and eating better.

- 22 Apr 2019
- 7 Day

no berries, mango, or peaches were added.

- 19 Apr 2019
- 7 Day
Lost 2kg

I’m not a fan of juicing Romain. So other than that juice, I love the recipes.

- 10 Apr 2019
- 7 Day

I love ever juice recipe and will be doing it again, plus I will incorporate other recipes for my daily juicing.

- 31 Mar 2019
- 7 Day
Lost 1lbs

To lose one pound at my age us fantastic I will continue with another 7 days program

- 19 Mar 2019
- 7 Day

Really liked all of them but the Green Ginger Ale. When I do this again I will substitute that one for something else... Thanks

- 04 Mar 2019
- 7 Day

A lot of fun!

- 18 Feb 2019
- 7 Day
Lost 2lbs

Loved every juice recipe. I feel great and I've lost 2 ponds. I'll definitely continue juicing!

- 14 Feb 2019
- 7 Day
Lost 1lbs

The grocery list in the beginning didn't clarify granny Smith apples, so I had to go back out a second time for those. But all in all the juices were good 👍. Also tried the green ginger ale without peeling the lime, it was delicious.

- 10 Feb 2019
- 7 Day

Like the eye-opener, mean green and the wingman very much. I just repeated these for the week. I added lemon juice to preserve them so I did not have to make them every day. They tasted fine, but definitely much better to make one every day.

- 07 Feb 2019
- 7 Day
Lost 3.4lbs

Great kick start for my goal if healthier eating. Loved the juices but wish there were no repeats. The Green Ginger Ale was my favorite.

- 25 Jan 2019
- 7 Day

Will use these recipes on a regular basis.

- 22 Jan 2019
- 7 Day

I always enjoy the challenges. Very interesting recipes.

- 17 Jan 2019
- 7 Day

Nice variety, didn't like the kale on previous attempts as old juicer didn't break it down enough, have a new juicer now and deals with it a lot better.

- 13 Jan 2019
- 7 Day

I feel very weak and tired.

- 12 Jan 2019
- 7 Day

I really enjoyed it to get myself back into juicing going to do one more week while cutting out dairy, baby steps, great recipes

- 11 Jan 2019
- 7 Day

The wing man was my favorite! Didn't like that day 6 and 7 were repeat juices from earlier days. So many options on the site, I would have loved to try 7 different ones. Going to make my own list of 7 this time and continue another week!

- 03 Jan 2019
- 7 Day

looking forward to the juice fast ... feeling much better

- 16 Dec 2018
- 7 Day
Lost 2lbs

Very happy with the results, but the reason I did it is more for my overall health. I am determined to change my eating habits. I notice a different glow in my skin, that makes me happy also i look slender. Thank you for creating the challenge, it really helps😊👏👏

- 30 Nov 2018
- 7 Day
Lost 7.8lbs

I am committed to drinking at least one juicing a day. Two if possible. In between, I focus on non juiceable foods with high protein such as hard boiled eggs, chicken breast, etc. losing about 1-2 lb/day and feeling quite full. No hunger. Ready to start a new challenge! Happy Juicing! Btw, I am a proud 67 yr old mom, wife and grandma. Always be open minded to living a better and healthier lifestyle.