7 Day Juice Cleanse Challenge

22 Recipes

You'll be drinking 70-90 fl oz of fresh juice per day.

7 Days

7 days of fresh juice + water.

Shopping List

You're given a shopping list for the 7 days.

Interactive Challenge

Use our interactive challenge to get your daily recipe emailed to you or complete it through our site.

7 Day Juice Cleanse Challenge

It's a 7 day juice & water only diet.

Juice cleanses can be a nightmare to plan out recipes and massive shopping lists and always wondering "am I doing this right?" That's why this exists.

Included in our 7 Day Juice Cleanse Challenge

  • Shopping List
  • Recipe Plan
  • An Interactive Challenge

7 Day Juice Cleanse Challenge Reviews

- 02 Jul 2023
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse
Lost 4kg

Great! After the first 2 days of a caffeine withdrawal headache. No hunger pangs and the juices ars really tasty. Recommended 👌

- 31 Jan 2021
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse
Lost 12lbs

The recipes actually were pretty good! My taste has changed, now I want to eat veggies more then anything else. Fixed my sweet cravings! Also, I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses that causes a lot of pain and stiffness... but now my pain levels are down more then 50%! I'm back to doing light cardio 20 to 30 min a day and I have enough energy to keep up with my kids. Plus I haven't been this weight for over 3 years. I'm definitely going to keep doing juice fasting and go longer then 7 days!

- 19 Jun 2020
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse

I’m a big fan of all the juice recipes, except those with cabbage ( and still, they are not bad). A great way to kick start into a healthy diet.

- 24 Mar 2020
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse
Lost 7.1lbs

I am doing this juice fast 7 days each month until dI reach and maintain my goal. When I am not fasting I am adhering to a 100% plant based diet with very little use of oils. I LOVE IT!

- 28 Jan 2020
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse
Lost 9lbs

LOVE this juice plan. The recipes are fantastic & it is easy to stay on. I do a 7 day juice once a month & have now completed 13 of them. Juicer for life!

- 07 Oct 2019
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse
Lost 8lbs

I have done many juice fasts, but really liked this one! The results were amazing! I have found doing a 7 day juice fast every month really helps me "reset". The biggest challenge for me is finding 7 days in a row where I am not traveling. Juicer for life!

- 18 Feb 2019
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse

Lost 10 lbs and a lot of gut!

- 17 Jan 2019
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse

Great way to cleanse your body and loose a lot of weight at the same time.

- 11 Jan 2019
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse

I liked the older version better. There’s no way to collapse the nutrition facts? It’s inconvenient to scroll while making the juices for the day. I like the juices for the program.

- 02 Dec 2018
- 7 Day Juice Cleanse
Lost 9.4lbs

Great challenge even though I didn’t finish the last day! The evening of day 3 was the most difficult. Drinking small amounts all through the day and water in between really helped.