What is it?

If you accept the challenge, you have to juice at least once a day for 30 days straight.

You choose the date and we'll tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. We'll even give you the suggested shopping lists!

The purpose of this is to get you into the healthy habit of juicing more often and living the juicing lifestyle.

If you do this for 30 days straight, you're going to thank us. You'll figure out why when you're done.

What do I need?

  1. A juicer.
  2. Not a blender.
  3. No, not even a nutribullet. (see FAQ)
  4. To drink it, even if you don't like celery.

Take the 30-Day Juice Challenge!

Want to get into the juicing lifestyle?

Challenge yourself to juice every day for 30 days straight.

You choose the starting date and we'll tell you what to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use a blender?

Answer: Because it's not a juicer.

Don't worry, you're not stupid, this is just part of the learning process. Let us help:

Juicers make juice. Blenders make smoothies. A smoothie isn't juice.

Our recipes are made with juicers in mind. If a recipe tastes great juiced, it may come out gross or have a weird texture to it when blended. If you don't have a juicer and still really want to do this, you can google "juicing with a blender" for a possible way to do it. The ninja/nutribullet/vitamix and similar blenders don't juice, they make smoothies. I don't care what your grandma told you, it's still a blender. There's no amount of blending that will make it a juicer.

Is this a juice fast/cleanse?

Answer: No.

The challenge is to drink at least one glass of juice a day. This shouldn't be followed as a fast/cleanse. You'll probably die.

Can I store my juice?

Answer: Yes.

The popular belief is that juice can last for up to 72 hours in the fridge, in an airtight container. Yes, nutrients are lost overtime, but it's an extremely slow process. We're talking tiny fractions per hour, here. You're going to hear "you have to drink it right away!" but tell them they're wrong and that they can take it up with JuiceRecipes.com.

You can also freeze your juice. Yes, really! Ask grandma.

Can I use my own recipes?

Answer: Yes.

We give you a suggested shopping list and recipe plan, but you're free to use any recipe you want. The challenge is to drink at least 1 glass of juice a day. How you accomplish that is up to you! Drink carrot juice for 30 days if you want.

What if I miss a day?

Answer: Who cares?

Even though the goal is to juice every day for 30 days, don't worry if you miss a day! Just keep going!

Does this challenge cost money?

Answer: Nope, it's all FREE.

We just want you to live the lifestyle with us! You just have to buy all of the produce. Feel free to send us money, though.

Can I do it with a friend?

Answer: Yes!

The 30 day challenge fully supports a friend! The 30 day challenge challenge should yield around 2 glasses of juice a day. You can either drink it all yourself or share with a friend.

Can I do it alone?

Answer: Yes!

Just because each day makes the minimum amount for 2 people doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the full yield each day for yourself.

Can I afford the produce?

Answer: No idea.

There's no easy way to calculate how much it'll be for you, but it was built with cheap, high-yield recipes in mind. You wont see any expensive blueberries or raspberries in these recipes! To give you an idea, we've heard anywhere from $25-35 for week 1 in our area.

Do I drink the whole recipe?

Answer: Yeah, unless you're splitting it with a friend.

Doing it alone? You can drink it all at once or split it up throughout the day. It's up to you! Here's your chance to get someone else into juicing if you think it's a lot to drink in a day.

Doing it with someone else? Split it 50/50 with them.

The minumum amount you need to drink a day is 1 glass, but don't do the minimum, do the maximum!

Do I drink it with a meal?

Answer: If you want.

If you're drinking the whole batch (2 glasses) in one sitting, you could use that as a meal replacement. Otherwise, drink it with a meal or have a glass as a snack.

Seems like a lot of calories

Answer: Come on.

A juice calorie isn't the same as a potato chip calorie. Juice sugar isn't the same as coke's sugar. Don't be concerned about getting fat off of juice.